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It’s easy to understand why people lodge visa applications themselves, as they think it will save time and money. The trouble is that there can be long-term ramifications if a visa application is not lodged correctly. Here at EMS,we recently met a client who had tried to lodge a permanent residency visa himself. As a result of a very simple error (the application was sent to the Department of Home Affairs by post instead of by courier), the application was considered to be invalid, and the outcome was that he was then in Australia illegally. The poor chap had to go onto a bridging visa and came to us for advice.

In the complex world of migration, it’s easy to make mistakes. Did you know for example that if you leave Australia holding a ‘Bridging visa A’, you generally cannot return to Australia. The correct process is to obtain a ‘Bridging Visa B’ before you leave Australia, so that you can return without difficulty after your trip overseas.

Running the risk of rejection

The Department receives thousands of work, family, student and migrant visas each year. Many will be successful but there are plenty of others which will fail.

Registered Migration Advisors know how the system works and what a immigration Case Officer wants to see. They are qualified in this area for a reason – they are specialists in this field.

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